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psychiatrist, sociologist. Waiting room/exam rooms avail-

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was about a week before the symptoms of tetanus appeared, but

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band of firm cancer, three inches broad. It is chiefly

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Suckling* published two characteristic examples under

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(G.) Ferita dell' avambraccio con aezione dl ambedue le

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introduced by the patient herself — no small recommendation to a

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the minds of the ignorant populace not to be en-\ded, and was

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with clear contour and glistening nuclei. An intercellular substance was recog-

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On motion the Council adjourned to meet at 10 o'clock on Thursday, the 14th June,

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in the pia mater and in the blood capillaries passing into the motor cortex

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restored, although the patient may not be quite so tall as before. The ob-

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petent, on account of her inipain>d mental condition,

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allergy or bronchial asthma; and in those with glucose-

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revealed a thick, bo^y mass occupying a part of the cer-

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years, showed no changes in the spinal cord. The fourth case, that of a

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which is really comparable vtdth pathological infectiveness. And it is a

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sated for by the greater safety against recurrence. I have

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strength pill, commencing with three, which was practio-

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cil, Dr. AVilliam Doeble, Dr. S. S. Turner, Dr. H. E. Sabin, Dr.

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orexin tannate. It was employed in the anorexia of phthisis

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may use the knife again on healthy flesh, or the meat

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pointed our expectations, not because the author contends for the unity of

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chemist should have absolutely no information as to the source of

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rienced Medical men given before the Committee ; from records

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abdomen may give rise to a similar appearance in the skin, so that when

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called at once. If no physician is available the dressing should be

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The electric hair-brush seems to add to its claims as an electric appliance

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effects of an abrupt and of a continuous stimulus ;

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thorough disinfection of stools and prompt isolation

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farinaceous substances. Alcohol in any form is rarely needed, and gener-

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excess of iron as haemoglobin, or modifications thereof, in the body

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called remittent by Noggerath. It may end, when untreated, in suppura-

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lytic immune sera. The lesions so produced are frequently focal

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tagious it could be distinctly traced from patient to

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the enjoyment of the fruits of his industry : the preventive or remedy is

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Chart of Surgical Instruments in Operations. By L. H. Ormsby.

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his name ; Nuck injected the lymphatics with quicksilver,

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to the second point of analogy, I will simply recall you to our experi-

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tremity of the male blade, upon its stalk as a centre, to clear the instru-

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enough ; contrary to reason and contrary to sense. By substi-

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to distinguish between constipation as just defined and

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used for food or drink by man, and if there be more than one quality of any