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tures, preferring them to the scissors or knife, on
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METAL HAND PIECES, for Right or Left Hand, 2/6 each.
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46. Lepow ML, Beeler J, Randolph M : Reactogenicity and immunogenicity of a
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We have therefore a vaso-constrictor center for pelvic
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leprosy, which does not usually come on until after puberty, the women may bear
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greatly minimized if the purse-string sutures are inserted both
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which to base any definite conception of the frequency or rate of in-
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(June), is, of course, the hot and dry season, making
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123 Latest Investigations on Uric Diathesis. Otto S. BInswanger.
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'''Journal American Medical Association, November 11, 1905, 1492.
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mind is sound, a man's conscience and sense of right and wrong will always
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between the blades of the mesoduodenum, which is the lower end of the
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good vaccination scars. By the thorough execution of this plan
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Fatty substances in large quantities (5viij — 240.0 — daily), with a view to
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confluent Bmall-pos. But this is not tilivays the case; sometimes*
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equipage, a success which has challenged the admiration of the
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cartilage cell invested by a human pathologists; but it IS quite