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beyond question by removing sections of skin for microscopic slides.

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1894, 007-670. — BallantyiK' {j.W.) A case of ligor

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the side opposite the cranial lesion, leading him to believe

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diphtheria under treatment at the Willard Parker Hos-

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more than one thousand dollars, or imprisoned in the State

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the liability of recurrence of attacks, for of the 359 cases, 170, or

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extremities to the posterior clinoid processes. The direction

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hot lemonade, spirits of nitre, or hot whisky and water, is an old-fashioned

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pelvis, closing the external wound with the belly full of salt solution,

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accord with this theory. Certain habits of life produce fulness,

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I maintain that the rectum is naturally the terminal

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must not recognize only the important urine reactions

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is frequent, and neuralgic pains throughout the body, and insomnia, may be

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between the tropics, it has more than once penetrated as high as Lon-

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the tropics, as we have frequently met with it in persons residing

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the temporosphenoidal lobe and close to the roof of the tympa-

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Now occurs a phenomenon concerning which there is much difference of

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of the new Medical Act upon the conjoint scheme. The

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came under his own observation : " A young lady who had

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species of dipterocarpus. It is obtained by making incisions into the

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spontaneous recovery immunity from relapses has been acquired. On