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searches, ascertained this law, viz., whenever a tuberculous affection occurs

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draw attention, 1 feel it more prudent to reserve any further

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he had done so, therefore he had been greatly surprised at

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with its apex below the seventh thoracic vertebra, were J

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thing Dr. Sullivan has said in reference to the times we had in getting a building to hold

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on account of the exhaustion of the food supply, but rather on account

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be applied exclusively to a non-inflammatory or dropsical effusion. This

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ankles, etc. The rate of decline due to the cancer deposits is acceler-

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whole months whilst the pus remained subcutaneous. What has occurred to

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On the Test of Silver for Arsenic : by John Prideaux, Esq.

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M. ALLEN STARR, M.D., Attending Physician, New York Dispensary.

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Capsules. — Xot formed, lanceolate-shaped lacking.

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leaving a clean-cut semilunar loss of substance in the helix.

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was induced to eat more plentifully, and the digestive symptoms

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figures which point to 66 per cent, of convalescents being germ free

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Pediatric Grand Rounds, Tuesdays, 8:00 a.m., Sturgis Building, Auditorium

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lon (F.-G.) Appareil pour le redressement d'un f6mur

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at the same time, his landlord gave him some strong soup. As

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less continuously. During this period 960 cases were treat**^ at the

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the pleura, there are a uumber of abscesses filled with

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cision along the costal border. It matters little which

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and reduce the power of reproducing them. With the resulting

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the nerves of spontaneous motion, but bj special fibres, which he calls '* reflecto-motory."

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this salt at all in a potable water is an anomaly, but

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avoid some evil. In these subjects, also, the stomach was apt to be disturbed,

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gives a doubtful result, a trained chemist must be called in to decide the

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instances by male friends, visit these resorts, and, by expostu-

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very obscure manner in the nervous system. The disturbances of nu-