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Since erysipelas is, strictly considered, a surgical disease, I do not

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giving too much thick starchy food. Thick oatmeal porridge is heavy, and

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the medulla and, anteriorly, to the optic commissure. The lumbar and thoracic

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names always and uniformly prefixed by a capital letter, whether

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wparation of fibrin. It exists normally in a liquid state. It does not,

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paralysis, the second part of the synergic action takes place of its own

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med. Wochenschr., 1892. Didier, Essai sur la grippe, These de Paris, 1893. Dippe,

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extremities of the segments be connected by a section of

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but in)|)enetrable structure, they would wander towards the free surface of

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three pounds daily as a substitute for the whole or a

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calcis, the curvature of the tibia, &c." These are definitely called "typical

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ciety, as manifested by the general interest shown in our meet-

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purple, even the tiniest lesion having this colour and some show definite

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Occasionally the latter appears swollen, owing to the effusion of serum into the

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stage or when the patient's condition is too critical,

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xia, frequently associated with coma. The respiration ceases

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" Pulse pressure is important because it gives the actual driving

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bolic crystals, solid chloride of zinc, and other powerful caustics has set up

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often made, that much suffering and protracted disease would be pre*

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Make an emulsion of the first four ingredients, and

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illustrative cases, that though the flexion is not infrequent, as

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111. Appendicitis. — ^The microscopic appearances in cases.

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alterations. The discussion was marked by more than usual

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at work. In the first place, the enlargements are in part toxic

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the arsenical solution once a week ; if it is thought necessary to

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'""'"'"- >■■""■">- in ,1,>. ,,„„, ,,, ., .!„,>,.|.„r.,,l,,u,,>l tltiul ,„ p„- lu-

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possibly by a hysterical nurse under the influence of

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a severe attack of measles without any untoward result.