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I . ' | ' H E Karnes. They are called in Latin, Ca-
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have only one thought, — to eradicate pain. In giving to the family
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Marweg, Gustav, M.D., 178 Third Street, New York city.
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Section 2 indicate that among the pneumococcus pneumonia patients who had
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vinces of Persia, as it may be seen from the foregoing account, soon
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to a thicknefs. This apply’d warm, difcufles Infla-
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The destruction of religious pilgrims at Mecca was appalling. The
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has been subjected to prolonged emotional stress may show psycho-
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of the obstruction. We shall see afterwards, how little tliis admits of
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appearance of inflammation of any kind about the hands to explain the
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sician who in his practice habitually resorts to extra-homoeopathic
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of these cases I saw along with Dr. Stokes ; the second, with Dr. Plant ;
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parts of our island. The causes which occasion these epidemics are,
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laryngeal stenosis is fully relieved. If it were not
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der severe fever with sore throat. On examining the fauces I found the
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a particular branch of a nerve, occasioning the same affection in another
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Dr. 1. T. Talbot, of Boston, Secretary of the American Institute,
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of which were fatal, one 24 hours after the appearance of the eruption ;
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which I wish forcibly to draw your attention ; it is the existence of teii-
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Held in Washington, D. C, September 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and io, 1887.
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fee what kind of Flower each Plant will bear, which
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with unusual regard to whatever will make the occasion either pleasant
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In short, it seemed that our patient was beyond the reach of all resources;
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watching. We ought never to allow any expression to escape from us
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In Fig. 3, at the angle formed by the horizontal and perpendicular