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Five yards of sterile gauze, in half yard packets, if obtainable-
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causing compression of the pulmonary structures lying above the effusion.
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vanced stages of inflamed lungs when a large tubercle or abcess
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forehead, temple, face, in the orbit, nose, palate, body of the tongue,
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and more immune than other bones, for the extension of the
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rate from phthisis for the insane between the ages of 15-35 is about fifteen times that for the
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standpoint. Albumen in the urine, under any and all circumsiances,
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ysis of the lips, tongue, and lower jaw, from lesion3
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calculation (see his paper, Siebold & Kolliker's Zeitschrift fur
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tion of the air through the exfoliations and exhalations from the skin is
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the pulse is feeble, and the strength of the patient obviously failing.
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by direct extension the duodenum is similarly affected, and in some instances
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tion, and those that are very toxic, such as the tox-
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intermit their use after they have been continued for a short time. This
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feet aboul^ and pitched around, so that he ftequenUy fell on the tooL
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The important symptoms of pulmonary tuberculosis are
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except for a provision of nature, by which niucus is
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»rs must be abolished, a reform that at once lessens acci-
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rebral structure; every development of cerebral structure is at-
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Peritoneal pores (pori peritoneales) begin in the fish
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occur frequently even after the patient has been up and about or has
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soft textures, flabby, torpid, wheezy, incapable of exer-
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medical profession ; and, per contra, whenever any sub
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committee — the hydrogen ion being left out on account of its
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5s much below the real number. The disease is spreading