The One Where I Enjoy Guilt-Free Time-Out from “Weddingness”

July 15, 2011  

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Apologies from my lack of posting yesterday, but I have been on a jaunt. I’ve spent the last three days, completely devoid of doing anything wedding related! Early Tues morning I travelled to Milan to spend some time with my dearest friend Kimmy as it was her 30th Birthday…and we just so happened to have tickets to see a certain super-group…Take That!!! One word – amazing.

And as I whiled away my Wednesday enjoying spa treatments in the heart of fashion capital {seriously, felt just like an episode of SATC!} it dawned on me that I’d spent a whole 24 hours not thinking/planning/freaking out over our wedding plans….it was at that point that I decided to take things a step further and turned off the roaming on my iphone. I wanted to step away from “weddingness” for another 24 hours. No talking, thinking or emailing anything wedding related – and that had to include the blog.

I have to admit I felt a mix of empowerement and relief…please don’t get me wrong, I love writing Boho Bride, it’s like writing a diary of creative loveliness to the most supportive of friends and confidances, and nothing gives me more joy than when I get feedback from my posts and musings. Knowing that I might have helped a fellow Bride in turn helps me – I feel such a sense of comraderie…

But, I think every planning Bride should make sure they take some time-out of weddingness – a step back. However relaxed a person you are, however organised you are, the weddings bound to be having some kind of impact on your day-to-day routine; anticipation or perhaps just excitement may be putting your body through-the-mill. You all know how badly I’ve been sleeping of late, well for the last two nights, I’ve slept like a baby and don’t remember having any dreams…which is such a contrast to a ‘normal’ nights sleep of late…and I feel goooood.

This ‘time-out’ has also made me appriciate how precious this last stretch of planning is. I don’t want to be the Bride rolling her eyes with a pained expression every time someone asks me how plans are going! When I turned on my laptop this morning I had emails from our ring designer, florist and some of our guests…and you know what, I felt revitilised and excited to respond – like I was planning it all with a pair of fresh eyes!

I have therefore decided that I’ll spend one full day each week (and that’s only a mere eight full days) till the wedding not talking, thinking or planning it. Instead I’ll spend that ‘free’ time doing something out of routine. After all, it’s really is quite a major adjustment we’re making to our lives – it’s a new chapter that I believe should be aknowledged with gravitas and I want to relish every single moment of the build-up.

Happy weekend! With Love, Boho Bride xx

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