Our Shabby {chic} Christmas

December 29, 2010  

Today’s post is a little off-beat…but still a little design led. I guess it proves that even with no planning – you can pull together decor that not only looks nice, but is filled with your own personalilty, so long as you go for a style that fits you.

This year our Christmas was a little ‘thrown together’ – but I thought I’d share some images of our Xmassy little cottage…using random bits and pices I’ve collected in the sales over the last two yrs. Nothing matches really – but it’s all baubles and pieces I simply fell for. Most are from Tesco, Home Sense and John Lewis and all were found in the sales.

 Those who are regular readers will know that we moved a week before Christmas and the day before all the glorious snow hit Devon…but after a long battle to sell our house, we were counting our blessings!

However, the white stuff and ice meant that we were snowed in for days – yet with no TV, Internet or other distractions, it meant that we were able to unpack quite rapidly! By the time things had thawed enough to go to the shops (and pick up my MIL to-be) very little was left…and so we made do with a teeny tiny real spruce and a discounted fake Tesco tree that we put up in haste on Xmas eve.

All in all…it was such a magical Christmas. We slept on the floor and weren’t able to get each other gifts (thank goodness for organised parents – at least we had something to unwrap!) but that took the edge off the manic pressure most of us feel. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas too!

Below are some pictures of my sausage-meat and chestnut stuffing. Thought I’d share the recipe that’s been shared between my Great Aunt (who’s cottage I now live in) my Mum and me…it’s really yummy and great for a NYE buffet. Enjoy! x

By the way, I never measure anything (which is why I can’t bake cakes well) so it’s a little slap dash…

One tin of chestnut puree, tube of sausage-meat (about 250g), packet of vacuum packed whole chestnuts, packet of streaky bacon, slice of stale bread (brown or white), a small onion, pinch of pepper and pinch of thyme.

Preheat oven gas mark 7. Line a loaf tin with streaky bacon.

Dice up slice of bread and roughly chop whole chestnuts – add to mixing bowl.

Chop up the onion and a couple streaks of bacon and lightly fry until onion soft and bacon no longer translucent. Add to mixing bowl (which already contains bread and chestnuts) with sausage-meat and chestnut puree. Mix with hands and season. Load into bacon lined tin and lightly press. Once mixture in, cover with foil and cook for 35-40 min. Remove foil and cook for further 5 min…or until golden brown. A voila.


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