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Let’s Get Physical

I am about to embark on my first photo-shoot. Tomorrow I will be joining a group of wonderful women to get glammed up for a great cause and whilst I’d love to let you know every little detail – that will have to wait. I must remain tight lipped for now…

What I would like to talk about is how happily empowered I feel to be taking part in this fabulous collaboration. Sure there have been fleeting moments of bats**t craziness, where I’ve felt compelled to book myself in for some drastic body re-sculpturing, cling-film, sweat inducing treatment…but on the whole I’ve been ok. And why? Because I’m blessed. Blessed to have a body that in nearly 29 years hasn’t let me down!

Ok, there have been dicey moments and I’ve not experienced childbirth {yet!} or had to endure treatment for a debilitating illness; but I’ve survived childhood, puberty and all that entails – and aged 19 I had a major operation, which put my whole attitude towards my body into perspective. A scary time, I can now barely remember anything beyond how good it felt to see my body heal itself – the sensation of getting stronger with each week that passed… And although there have been setbacks along the way, I’m still here…so why give myself even more of a hard time?

I like every other woman, spent far too many of my teenage years and early twenties wishing away my ‘flaws’ without ever acknowledging my qualities – and yet, as I’ve got older it’s the milk bottle skin that I used to lather in cooking oil, that I now take so much care over – and who would’ve thought that my tired-looking eye’s could be so easily remedied with a touch of touche eclat?!

I still remember how agonsing it felt aged 17, when my brother informed me that a total stranger had approached him on a night out to say that I shouldn’t have cut my hair, as it now accentuated my big nose…and yet that same ‘strong’ nose won me an really good acting job some years ago! I accepted my features, good and bad a very long time ago – I suppose around the time that I began to find my feet in this world. It’s a relief to be at one with myself – God knows life can be challenging enough!

What I’m getting at (in a very round-about way) is that you can spend far too long worrying about things beyond your control, whilst life passes you buy. Willing to change the features that others love – that you should love yourself! Brides-to-be, this time is fleeting, so it’s time to stop worrying about your teeny tiny jelly belly and rock that ivory frock! So you’re arms aren’t as toned as you’d like – get a slimming spray tan! Complexion looking grey? Step-away-from-the-facial-peel and get some highlights in your barnet. Don’t like you thighs? Don’t worry, Spanx do!!!

…At times like this, I wonder what I’ d do, if ever I bumped into that critical stranger who felt so compelled to shatter my confidence…and you know what? I’d hold my nose up high!

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  • Lucy March 2, 2011, 8:57 pm

    Love it xx hope it all goes well and you have a fab time… you’ll sure look it xxx