Introducing Baby Dylan

May 22, 2012  

Apologies for the silence – this post is a long time coming. I am proud to announce that on Sunday 15th April our darling boy Dylan George was born – thirteen fashionable days late he weighed a whopping 8lb 11oz!

It was a difficult labour; 30 hours in total and both Dylan and I came away nursing some war wounds and it’s because of these that I’ve not managed to update the blog until now. Our little man is perfectly healthy and has recovered well and I am also well on my way to being back to my normal self, though an exhausted version!

The last four weeks or so have passed in a blissful haze of baby-ness – though must admit that it has not only been the most rewarding few weeks of my life, it’s been the most challenging too; parenthood is ruddy hard work. On that note I hope you can understand why I’m asking you to bear with me a little longer…the blogging cogs are turning and Boho Bride will be resuming service soon, but I just need a little longer to get on top of things once more.

I hope you understand and thank you so much for your continued support.

With lots of love,

Sarah, Adam and Dylan xxx


10 Responses to “Introducing Baby Dylan”
  1. my honest answer says:

    Ahhhh congratulations! I was hoping the silence denoted a happy household of cuddles and dirty nappies.

    Also – 5am? Such a new mother time to be updating a blog! Hope you get some good sleep soon xx

  2. Liezl Croft says:

    Amazing time!
    As you said, it’s very hard work but it’s worth every minute!
    Looking back, nothing has ever been so fulfilling as looking after my two when they were tiny babies, and you do miss it when it has passed.
    Enjoy every minute. We’ll wait patiently until you are ready to resume the blog again. xx

  3. Natasha Jane says:

    He is such a little cutie, what a beautiful family you are! Take as long as you need, we will still be here :) XxX

  4. Abby says:

    Congratulations to you both! What a beauty he is :)
    Look forward to seeing more posts when you’re all settled.

  5. Nicki Eat Sleep Cake says:

    He is gorgeous! Congrats to you both and how brilliant to have you back even tempirarily. xxx

  6. Loulabelle says:

    Congratulations! He’s gorgeous!!! x

  7. Eleanor says:

    A HUGE congratulations to you both, what a gorgeous little boy he is and such lovely bright blue eyes. I am so pleased to hear you are both healthy and well and I hope you continue quickly on the road to recovery…I’m sorry if I’ve backed you up with emails! Speak soon and lots of love to you all x x x

  8. admin says:

    Thank you all so much for your lovely messages…now I’m finally getting some sleep (and able to sit down a little more comfortably – ha!) I’ll be back to my normal blogging self next week…

    Big boho love for all your wonderful support! xxx

  9. Hannah Webster says:

    Aww. Congratulations, honey. Sorry for the delayed response – I’ve been swampe and am only now catching up on the blogoshphere. Thrilled for ya and glad you’re blogging again :)

  10. admin says:

    Thanks Hannah! xx

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