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July 25, 2011  

Aside from all the wonderful wedding-ness, there are plenty of other loves in my life – and they are the things that keep me sane when times are crazily hectic. And so, I haven’t posted my ‘Sunday Best’ for a couple of weeks, though it might be nice to share some Monday loves with you …

♥ Music. Perhaps my biggest love {aside from people and furry beings} I realised this week that I hadn’t played any for a wee while. Amazing how much better, happier, calmer I feel when I hear some music and have a bit of a sing in the shower or whilst making dinner. I’ve eclectic taste, but really love the sound of an acoustic guitar. Jack Johnson’s In Between Dreams is still a firm favourite in our house.

♥ Loungewear. I change into mine as soon as it hits 6pm. I no longer buy my own, but encourage my fiance to buy plenty for himself, then nick his…much more comfortable! M&S loungwear is the best.

♥ Reading. Nothing beats a good bit of escapism before bed – really clears a busy mind. I’ve just joined a book club {aka wine club} and this months book was so good I’m actually upset that I’ve finished it already. David Nichols, One Day. Film is out in Aug, but I reacon nothing beats turning the crisp white pages of a good book.

♥ Cooking. We rarely eat on-the-go. Not because I’m some kind of Superwoman, but I actuallylike to give myself an hour to prepare a meal. It’s so theraputic and really clears my mind. Lorraine Pascale is my latest girl-crush, her toad-in-the-hole recipe is perfect for a rainy day.

♥ Cats. And dogs. But we have cats and their unconditional love and the kooky things they do always fills my heart with happiness.

♥ Guerlain Idylle Duet. I came across the limited edition scent whilst at the airport last week. First scent in years to turn my head from my signiture Coco Mademoiselle. Very light and feminine, there’s a great review on The Scent Critic. Think I’ll be waering it on my wedding day.

♥ Films. I’m a total geek when it comes to films; recent favouite’s include The Kings Speech, Source Code and Cedar Falls.

And there you have it. So what loves do you have that keep you sane? Any Brides out there discovered a new favourite recipe or are escaping into a good book, in order to take your mind of wedding plans?

With Love, Boho Bride xx


One Response to “Boho Bride Loves….”
  1. Jo says:

    Sarah, I reckon thee and me are kindred spirits! All these things would be on my list (apart from different perfumes, and I didn’t enjoy the book of One Day at all). Totally agree with you about turning the pages of a book – Kindles are evil (although very useful in some cases!!)
    I would also add cheese, travel and wine to my list! xxx

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