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much secretion it is best first to use an astringent, such as

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to my opinion, we must make use only of a method —

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world, and drew the inference that it was through cattle

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The foUowing paper contains the histories of two cases of

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and that this disease is not ascribable to the local

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removal of the cause ; nothing like a tight shoe should

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population for good in regard to their food and drink, their

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ever possessed. His kindly disposition calmed troubles

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I have removed more than a hundred and fifty leaden balls from

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the recognition of diabetic coma, for, in a collection of

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the diet be protein-rich or protein-free. The rational deduction

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believe, among surgeons, universally acknowledged. Fortunately, when

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urine with very large quantities of blood. Some days it

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functional may be caused by a lack of cardiac tonus, the term

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of limited distribution; (2) increase of reflexes below the lesion; (3) paraplejn^;

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bored diligently in the field of ph3'^siological and medical

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and a half inches higher up than the point of entrance. The humerus

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inhalations, sprays, etc., were used, which at best gave

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and pine kernels ; he delights in vinegar, sour sauces,

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the effects of the so-called lifting cure, partly because I have had no

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an attack of gastric irritation, accompanied by pain and vomiting. Relief by

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infection was in large measure a mild one, with four or tive days

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politan practice, and the shock of some distracting news may

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pact nuclei to be seen. In unstained preparation the parasites may

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believed in a modified form of Tufnell, and was not inclined to give iodide

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cerebral lesions occasionally appeared to be the immediate

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The subject is presented with a list of stimulus words, each

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nine miles' distance. I can tell you nothing short a period. But in Edinburgh, Dr.

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posterior part of the injury — which, as I above mentioned, I

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theoretical standpoint speed mania in roentgenography is the

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why thymus-fed larvae suddenly stop growing at the time when meta-

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In a number of previously recorded cases of nephritis varicellosa,

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of imperishable value are often discarded or neglected for sup-

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reiiiiested to be parlicul.u- i n giving th; ir direcuons.

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bases by an ammoniacal silver solution. It determines the purin bases alone, and

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sological locations, had a most unfortunate influence upon the

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tors exposing the parts ; now a first class vaginal surgeon

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nately one cannot place any confidence in the statements of the patient

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induce the effect of shock on the heart, and of irritation on the muscles of ex-

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vomit appears, in ulcers of the stomach mucous, lymph and blood are

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tans " who advertised so largely, he said these advertise-

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from 55 to 265 seconds after withdrawal, but in the former case it was completed