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to render its vapours incandescent; on placing its flame in the path of a beam piO-
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XIV. previous paper). I shall now give a brief account of
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two out of five cases of hemorrhage of the newborn.
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Ever since the publication of the Report of the Royal
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Dr. Jellett had found this method beneficial in his private
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manner, straps with rings should be buckled below the
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nary colour; they were smaller in quantity and number,
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be injected with a hypodermic syringe over the nerves
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an infection can cause thyroid disturbance, it could
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it is held in place by tying to a band around the body.
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quaint Latin poem of John of Milan, in the beginning of the 1 2th
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cine (Section in Ophthalmology) ; Medical Association
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almost certainty of regurgitation into the colon, is
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BUSH-FRUITS. By F. W. Cakd, of Rhode Island College of Agriculture
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