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to twenty days prior to leaving the country. The standard
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preparations, when the dose ordered is one fluid drachm
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In describing the other clinical evidences of septicopyemia,
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women would sometimes present symptoms resembling those
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we have to add that the dinner took place at the Albion
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shortly after birth. The therapeutic indications are therefore obvious.
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cine, the removal or palliation of disease will sometimes take place
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believing that there is good excuse for thwarting the results of wed-
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results of microscopic examinations of tissues ; each view was
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condition above alluded to is certainly irremediable. As a
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the pustule. The fifth day of an anthrax pustule looked like the pustule of
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and one half inches of the left leg. She gave in brief the following
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emetic, salicylate of soda, potassium iodide and sodium
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and the province of Quebec^ since its formation. The jurisdic-
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that Gale, whose book was printed fourteen years earlier
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quoted. Our publishers consider that the work could
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the officers of the A.M.A., by representative physicians, and by several presi-
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nience from the swelling and distension : the uterus is healthy, and can he moved
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Medical Corps in Panama and Korea before completing his residency in
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excellent opportunity to cope with hemorrhage, should it
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and capable of containing about two ounces of fluid. This sac had not