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Kelly, of Baltimore. Recently the author had pointed

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from the time that Dr. Coats became a teacher of pathology,

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tarily imposed upon ourselves and our successors. We must

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ing wounds, with splint: Crutches on tenth to four-

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2\st. Sufferings very severe; no ulceration in tumours; debility increasing;

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individuals at high risk of HIV infection should be tested and

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sour stomach, gastric catarrh, and constipation. There

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furnished me by Dr. Clayton A. Cowgill, U.S.V., Surgeon in charge^

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pages must be received not later than noon on the Saturday preced-

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examined, was found to contain the bacilli in a most perfect

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ninety-four times. In fifty-six of these the diseases occurred together,

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the other. These attacks may last some hours, or even some days, and

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Anat. u. Physiol., Leipz., 1892, ix, 6; 41, 3 pi,— Bamun y

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Richardson, on the origin of cardiac concre- I Rokitansky, on concretions in the left ven-

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agement alone, but most of them must be regarded as cases which can

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Squier,*^ in discussing renal pain, states that the four main patho-

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own times, entirely to auscultatory signs. According!}- it

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steam-ship NataU six days after leaving Mauritius, on May S.

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'pfeehlfl'iffifity' of localization is perhaps contingent upon

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here attempt even to mention all the points of interest in these

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lated pupil, etc. Breathed in small quantities, as it constantly is by

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the end of that time submit to an examination. By the

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these little bodies may be, Physiology has not yet pronounced.

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peared in the hole; but this time there was no increase of the total

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ing the base of the brain, and extending down upon the

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female as it lies upon the surlace of the thorax. The symmetrical distri-

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daily every atom of its garbage, deliver it from every pestilential emana-

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under any program of the center. The Child Psychiatry Division will be

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sent to those interested by McKesson & Robbins,

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sensory or motor disturbance, the diagnosis was made

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other than idiopathic. The scheme in the diagram (p. 338), taken from

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but without any favorable result. From these I experimentally

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direction of the nerves, nor of the absorbents, nor of the blood-

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seem an exception. But this, in truth, can be considered only as

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Sig.— One pill thrice daily half an hour before meals.

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injected, and the site of the injection. It will be readily perceived that

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man into Brompton Hospital. He had headache also. Under rest he

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rations demand the establishing m ambulances a division of operative manoeuvres

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bility upon one or more of the other organs. The brain being

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tor in Japan) avers that the Japanese bean (adzuki,