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states were probably produced by the bursting of these glands
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Tection. The pain and tenderness are then more marked, and the
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du sinus frontal. Ann. d'ocul.. Par., 1899. cxxii, 424-433.
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its reliance upon a system of measurements — a defect
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slow, soft, and easily analyzed. In syncope, they are accelerated, weak,
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flammation. If pain increases under dry heat, and spontaneous rup-
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great attention to cleanliness, constituted the treatment.
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hardening may be used if dissociation of the tracts is to be
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Detroit, 1899, v, 12-16. — Riviere (A.) Incontinence fe-
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wounds are at variance with leading authorities, they
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ble the hoof of the ox, with its back part forward ; but they
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coagulation being at once produced. There I iron on several occasions. There was,
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" We are also directed to inform you that the published
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ence for some time ; it is usually a chronic otorrhoea which dates from
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a focus sooner than others. This causes indistinct vision.
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Chicago Medical Society. — At a meeting, held Novem-
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tincture of iodine maybe injected into the sack, which will awaken
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outer surface being made water proof, it will continue to adhere,
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bowels, when it occurs, is most apt to be met with in the second or
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the Author. American Journal of Medical Sciences, July, 1863.
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be produced in the patient which would contra-indicate an interference
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the teachers to the great possibilities for improving school relations in so many
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anti-ferment, and preventing the formation of lactic acid. Brandy,
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fusion of coffee is of great service in counteracting Aconite,
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pyonephrosis, probably tuberculous, was made. Opera-
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three to ten milliamperes was used, and by electroly-
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schools of pathology, no doubt both Berlin and Vienna are far
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third joint, which carries an arista with black hairs on its upper
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Mr. Solly then gave some advice to his auditory as to the