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ety of grasses, particularly rye, and, as we have remarked, buckwheat.

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tion, extended and illuminated by systematic inquiry. Such

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symptoms may be those of collapse. Thus, such conditions not im-

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YOCNO— YOUNG.— May 31st, 1893, at Christ Church, Leeson Park, Dublin,

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of coffee-grounds or dark chocolate, and is kept up for days together.

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matter having been removed, the perforation should be

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wadding is then placed over them and kept firmly applied by means

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widowed sister without seeing her, because in her then condition she

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board, ib : new bills, .=>;i9, .553, .5.54: metropo-

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of pancreas for diabetes. This last result is hardly sur-

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enjoyed excellent health until he accepted a staff appointment in the

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ti obtain an insight into the manipulation ot drugs for the

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" Cimcliision.—'^vom the result of the examination of the specimens I

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tionable whether it is wise to sell it in such large quantities.

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hail practised the healing art in Hull. Mr. Craven had kept

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Canaan House, Ediriburgh, to Isabel, daughter of Marlborough Par-

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Hampstead, to give me his assistance. Obtaining a good re-

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to be present at the examinations might not be refused

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valuable asset in his tears, which he had so well on tap that when he

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rapid growth of the brain, because no organ of the body, except the

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apparent on the cut surfaces. When a limg is extensively consolidated,

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discarded as unsuitable. A single instillation of . the 5 per

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united directly to the other element of the compound, hyponi-

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has, I believe, served a most useful educational purpose, for it has

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between them an angle of 90°, and that to put up any fracture

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on the urine of the newborn cViild enable me to state, in con-

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no funds out of which to pay the fee. The assertion may possibly be

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