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tions or circular and fan douche at 80°-60°. In sciatica of long stand-

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toasted bread, the twice-baked bread, it is famiHarly called,

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tachycardia, in enfeebled heart action due to loss of compensation, and

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played the chief role. Treatment was symptomatic in both diseases;

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tall, lanky man, with arms too long for his body, with a halt

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used to cause only about one-fourth of the total deaths, now under the

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tory, and the number and duration of the baths may be increased. The

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system, especially of the spinal cord. In those conditions of para-

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as it comes to us every day, and from which, after all, the

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tube associated with a catarrhal state of the respiratory passages, more

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floats upon the surface of the water like the scum on the surface of

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these authorities, like all other well-informed physicians, regard the

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return to work. These may all seem to be small points which

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]io])ulation of over ~\(> millions. The experienced sui>erintendents

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repeated each time before nourishment was given. The latter was

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that the fundamental element in this so-called ' improvement of the

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to overcome the tendency to depression. Phenacetin and acetanilid act

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which keeps up the diarrhea and favors the spread of the inflammation

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The basis of the cider cure of gout, often used in France,

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That phthisis is often cured has been demonstrated satisfactorily.

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deepened, the costal cartilages being often prominent and the sternum,

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Another useful application of steam is the part it plays in the

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erine " is very rarely fatal, while, on the other hand, the asphyxic form is

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any dish from almost any material, thus serving two purposes,

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the largest proportion of serves for the formation of CO.^ and the

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Going south, we find all nations have their favorite tipple,

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water temperature is lowered two degrees daily until 60° is reached.

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volvement of the larynx. I have been able to find reports of 4 such cases

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highly elevated. There were bickerings and jealousies

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motor capacity, which furthers the passage of the food into the duo-

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ous stimulation often attains its maximum during the stimulation, but

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tion. The largest increase in the first case was 18 per cent, the aver-

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home, does not do as told, or stays in the bar or on the street

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^ Von Jaksch and Tcliistowitsch, Annual of the Universal Med. Sciences, vol. i., 1893.

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A badly executed hip bath will chill the patient or render him

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the duration, variety, and frequency of repetition be distinctly ordered.

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five hundred and forty-seven pounds per person per year.

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