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method of "flap splitting". Internat. J. Surg. & Antisept.,
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In closing we wish to emphasize the following points:
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ing during convalescence may be removed by the application of gal-
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M.D. Vol. Iviii, July to December, 1873. London, 1873.
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exhibited a tendency to increase. The advantages, therefore, of
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eration in advanced disease of the vessels may extend beyond the primary
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other cases we find transient improvement. Certain sufferers from Bright' s
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Lemon Sauce. — Boil half a cup of sugar in two cups of water.
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often upon a superabundance of acid in the urine, so that of the
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the local treatment is of the utmost importance. The
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Proteix Extracts ix States of Hypersensitization. By
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limits of this shadow, but when the enlargement encroaches beyond
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Medicine on Tuesday. Both past and present pupils assembled
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the chief, and in skilled hands probably the only, cause of fatal cases of chlo-
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Vol- XXXVIII. Louisville, Ky., December i, 1904. No. 161.
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and the hematine is reddened but little by the contact with air. On
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no interruption of the operation. There is little accumulation of blood
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Medically Unnecessary Services — Bohigian — Letters
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Under such circumstances, we should, as has been said, sacrifice the