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he has until other and better ones are placed in his hands. We are
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liespiraityry System. — The breathing is rapid, but agrees in
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more accustomed to people as an element of the environment
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renal derangements, from encroachment upon, or by irritation of, the
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may excite fears for the safety of the child, and lay the founda-
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number of shipments 200 were held up at New York ; the
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Dr. Haven said that he had used the Feser's instru-
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recurrent insanity or folie circulaire. A general mental weakness exists
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therapeutic uses of electricity and, as will be shown, the diagnostic and therapeutic
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tion of the disease. In this matter economic factors have the largest
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without relief. The remarkable part of the case was that
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The latter has no direct infiuence on the production of
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pencil," or beam, is, therefore, said to be parallel when it is
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The proteid was highly poisonous when extracted from
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failed, by proper experiment of appropriate doses, to find among the
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of diseased vertebrae. By pressing upon the ribs separately in
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inward, are: Skin, superficial fascia, cribriform fascia,
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numerous joints diseased ; their articular surfaces are covered with thick
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what is its magnifying power to an eye capable of* seeing with parallel
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(1) the number of live births she had had ; (2) the number of deaths
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Additional information in reference to the plan, terms, Ac, and a circular, may be obtained by a letter
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taker came to my office and remarked that in this case he found a con-
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and is often the result of a toxin elaborated by the poisons
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§©""No. 6 of the series of articles on the History of the American
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tact: Office of CME, Presbyterian Hospital, (505) 841-1225.
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Its use otherwise might prove a detriment. The only local
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scale, by various parties, and its indirect and contingent as well as immediate
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lively, the lips trembling. The patient was talkative and begged that
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Lrctunr uH 3t,a. Juri^p. iiHit Chmltlrt/in Ouf'i Batpttat.
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^ f™ " med , 1Cal witnesses > by affirming that if death had really taken
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statistical analyses of herniorrhaphies showing excel-
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ately afterward she experienced extreme dyspnoea, and
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