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volume. Among these we find paracentesis and those for the difierent varie-
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â– ntopsy, antrum and general mastoid disease, sigmoid and
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fulness in the usual situation of the gland, but more especially on the ri^t
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By JoHX Williams, M.D., Assistant-Physician to University
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F.R.C.R, F.R.S.E. Vol. L ''General Diseases." London:
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the first week, remaining for several weeks at about 50 per cent, above the normal.
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By the thirteenth day from the first outbreak of the eczema upon the chest,
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rather rapid development. It appears usually within twelve to eighteen
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monstrated by Baillarger, is only diminished by the
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Diminished pressure, by which is implied that the total
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dren over six, limit to smallest effective dosage (initially 10 mg
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about it was the presence of half a dozen cysts spread around
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described by all former observers, more especially on the secondary fever.
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ditions aiding the development of typhoid fever in the gar-
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tion, according to the demands of the case, sterile water, and a gauze pad saturated
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disease ^\'ill arise from new adaptations, is an interesting subject for
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suber) from which cork is obtained can be stripped of its
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membrane bright red, swollen and relaxed ; in many cases we see
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Sept. 17-18: Fifth National Cancer Conference, Ameri-
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heart muscle contains an enzyme which resembles that of other
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its solution reddens litmus paper ; it is also soluble in liquor potassa,
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reaching New Orleans in the spring, and visiting Charleston and Savan-
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organ may seem to be for the preservation of our health,
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headedness, nausea or vomiting are encountered, these
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of that portion of it supplying the larynx, the muscles supplied
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evacuation. He was, while wearing the tube, sent to
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At the expiration of two hours and thirty-five min-
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treatment become current and^ by repetition and strong
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respiration. The vasomotor centre acts as a self-adjusting mechanism;
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In the sediment we usually find evidence of a renal congestion
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tite, pressiure and fidness in the epigastrium, and other symptoms that
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versity of Toronto only ten or eleven years ago. After two
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Moses, Dr. M. J., on the value of circumcision as a hygienic measure 206
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declare positively they can span heaven, earth and hell. And these clerical