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Aydlette, Joseph P., Earl, Kentucky Univ., 1901 1903 1903
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Flint, February 3, 1866. The previous history is im-
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due to varying degrees of reflex inhibition of the tonic activity of this center,
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Under the care of Mr. Bartlbst, at the General Hospital, Birmingham.
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rations, any great pressure upon the inflamed parts below.
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Derby — Derbyshire Royal Infirmary, 198 beds, £10, 10s. annually.
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who had a natural antipathy to salt, and never used it with her food ; the
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Pulmonary affections are less important in the etiology than cardiac
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as the direct cause of seven deaths ; smallpox of one only, in Aberdeen,
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but a very moderate degree of fever, ranging from 100° to 101° or 102°
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