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and developed itself into that frightful universal ' neuralgia,'

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passing down back of the ear, over the angle of the jaw

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tients discharged from the scarlet fever ward, 1.7 per cent, of return

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muscles, the disease eventually proving fatal. As the lumbar

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drium is an excellent counter-irritant, but the difficulty experienced

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tellectual processes are the result of exceedingly complex as-

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Several of these cases had made apparently complete

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May. The progress of the disease to the south was slow. Marseilles, Toulon, and

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militia than when by the ' regular soldiers,' and adds : * The cruel-

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temperature, lack of appetite, and possibly with a slight cough. This


disease, unless, it may be, excessive, continual drinking by

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It derives its name from the fact that, when occurring in the human

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employed, yet I ascribe this only to the very cold weather which then

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per insepulta cadavera, seu jr;£.r antiqua sepidchra incaute apcrta^

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of idiopathic fever it is due to the direct action of the contagium

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nerves, may be pressed upon by a large tumour, haemorrhage, or abscess,

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that all reports about methylene blue — mine, which follow

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column ; hepatic peritoneal cancer ; bone-cancer ; cancer of the skin, and

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of an increased destruction of tissue ; the great thirst, as well as the increased

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itself and although non-striated muscle fibers are contained in

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tion of leprous antibody give a nonspecific reaction with lipoidal

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of Dr. Parkes, from whose descriptions Dr. Johnson supports

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stop and lie down. At the time I saw the man it was in the midst of

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and extreme exhaustion, appeared and were- treated by