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ferved, that geldings fleep oftener and longer than
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may be felt. They are more fully discussed in the section on tuberculous
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period of rest in bed before there is a second transi>ortation.
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nerve-endings causing a relaxation of the spasm of the bronchial muscula-
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decrease the flow of blood through the rabbit kidney, increase its volume,
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breathlessness ; but they are able to be about, can walk with more or less
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tozoal embryos; the latter were not described. The dimensions of the
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Many different classifications have been made of dyspepsia, such as
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of the pupils, and a tendency to paralysis and convulsions.
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the terrible ordeal he has passed through, and dreading its repetition,
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after a large quantity of water has been taken. The total excretion of
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patient complains of painful cramps in various parts of the body.
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ment for restlessness is the same as that for high temperattire,
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intestine as the cause of obstruction, but their occurrence is not of
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a ciliated embryo is developed, which at maturity, by forcing back the
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The only difference is in the a]i'i)lication of the antiseptic. The
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part of the medical course, whereas in Great Britain, the first two
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in the absence of all vegetables from a dietary which may have to be
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that tuberculin was curative, and believed that the tolerance of the sub-
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fhould therefore be, clearing the great gut of hard
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early in the course of an acute nephritis as the patient's condition
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respond to this treatment, the existence of rheumatoid arthritis or gout is
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embryonic or lymphatic. They are usually closely set.
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sounds and rales and the evidence of a displaced heart. In the
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Department of Pathology, spent the summer in the Laboratories
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evidently symptomatic of distension by accumulated chyle and lymph
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of the body. The loss of one of the duplicate organs, as the kidney,
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deep pressure at this spot, even after the subsidence of a perityphlitis, if
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and are accompanied by increasing prostration, which rapidly leads to death.
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ment and without symptoms. In the average case, it is neces-
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Boerhaievt., his feafotiS' why cattle fliould be foiled early in the
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expreflions in the writings even of phyficians, fuch
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Journeys and campaigns in malarious districts ought not to be undertaken
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opening diet to encourage the difcharge, if it conti-
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Clear out the original focus of infection. (2) Treat the infection
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Pollock gives an average duration of nineteen months for males, and twenty-
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gangrenous. The condition is very severe. Pain, vomiting, complete
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present. The thoracic type of breathing, the rapid, " wiry " pulse, and the
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his foal-teeth, and next the other incifories, which
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It liquefies gelatin ; and in this as in various other culture media, it forms
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occur ; but there is some reason for supposing that they represent another
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this four ounces of any purging fait, and half a pint
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which occur in some cases of nervous dyspepsia, may lead to the suspicion