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In this manner may endocarditis, announced and specially

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Herald, 1896, xvi, 82-84. . Sympathetic ophthalmia.

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I one published series,’® 5% of elderly outpatients with

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average case a negative pressure sufficient to lift 5 or 6 mm. of mercury

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majority of deaths from tuberculosis occurs between the ages of

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sis of the eye-muscles in 17 of 56 cases. Boles found it in 4 of 12 cases.

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on sick leave at San Francisco, Cal., is relieved from further duty

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frequent heart-beat by direct stimulation of the heart than through the

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optic atrophy develop, and there is no inco-ordination as a

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uterus, which I always do before an hysterectomy, I removed a large

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Arkansas State University, Jonesboro, 1977. Medical

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Supposing that an uninitiated reader should say to me—

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While many of these cases have not stood the test of

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as another question you have asked. I am not a walking directory.

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The organism is a non-acid-fast, Gram-staining bacillus, growing

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A New Metliod of Inlialation for the Treatment of Diseases of

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8. This treatment is not opposed to the symptomatic treatment,

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The American Journal of Urology, Venereal and Sexual Diseases; Editor of The Critic and Guide;

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tem has been previously debilitated by this disease.

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a fibroma. I think all the man's symptoms can be explained on the

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He declares positively that his father was affected as he is, and

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hinderance to the flow of blood from the veins of the uterus usually ap-

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in these diseases is, generally, in proportion to their

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sia. The patient not unfrequently lost the sense of taste on the same side as the

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1.— Exsection of Jugular and Carotids. — The case

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skill and diligence and hence accomplish an averac^e amount of work,

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tries and cities which have had to deal with the preven-

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and although it is but a few years since the last edition appeared, we

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or fat, or in rich dishes ; abuse of hot condiments ; intemperance

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dicrous when the author adds (p. 20), " that the Calomel was

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