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Dr. Richardson, in a late number of the Boston Medical and Surgical
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While I have never operated after Le Fort's method,
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other instances, however, they are considerably less marked after the
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Hasty' conclusions in a suspected case, in which the ratio of leucocytes
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great influence on Scottish medicine, while Utrecht, Rheims and
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10. What do you understand by the open and closed chain series ?
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be drained off. Serve in a heated dish, and garnish with
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(Fig. 3) ; microscopic slide (medium power) of Dr. Deaver's case of
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that the Institution did not tamely survey its progress, but adopted every possible
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indigestion, irritable stomach, acid eructations, gastric fullness, constipation of
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efficiency : first, there would be an immense difficulty
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Vision : Its Optical Defects, and the Adaptation of Spectacles. Em-
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offered by vaginal extirpation of the uterus with the adnexa. This is best
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