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Nursirg Association ranks with the most deserving of the claimants
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any rate, we most urgently press the subject on the attention
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"4. Leprosy is not directly originated by the use of any
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Hamilton, J. P., Professor Sinclair, and Dr. Byers were
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tract. This she declined, and pressed for " tonic treatment,"
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jects capable of transmitting the disease, and a list is given,
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deed the words he used were "getting on splendidly." Nevertheless he
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of the Past, vol. xi, London, 1878 (VV. A. I. iv, 26, No. 7)
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stake through his heart, nor does suicide entail any conse-
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ment of our science, his presence will help to diminish the
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Socin,'" under Bunge's direction, has continued the investi-
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■On February 27th left forearm very much swollen, and left
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and her daughter (who was at work with her at the time)
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Dr. W. J. Tyson (Folkestone) insisted on the importance of
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approximately, the position of the exciting platinum electrodes. The portion of cortex removed corresponded pretty nearly with the shaded
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where the summer comes earliest. The inference is that, with warmer
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seur A. Chabpentiee. Paris ; Steinheil. 1892. (Demy 8vo,
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have been present or the disease has been too extensive for
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from the gall bladder to the surface is quite formed, and no
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diphtheria, croup, or gonorrhrea, and no characteristic micro-
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and that ten will not be more three years hence than it is at present.
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ence is that the deceased intended changing the bottles in the stand,
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axioms wliich should be borne in mind in studying the
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a view of keeping cholera out of the country, sanitary stations
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pointed Assistant-Physician to the Stanley Hospital. The
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of lepers, or for the provision on a large scale and out of
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and the placenta cut away like a broad ligament cyst. The
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being .is. -id. out of every ^9. paid by the members, that is, two thirds of
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appear to be very independent of meteorological conditions.
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in lS(i8, and was at the action of Arogee and the storming of Magdala
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case as one of catarrhal appendicitis at its outset followed by
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Professor of Surgery and Clinical and Operative Surgery, Grant Medical
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husbands are out of work from illness or othei: unavoidable
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stituted for the flannel one, but nathing more than a few
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to Brigade- Surgeon J. Hector, 25, Anerley Park, Anerley,
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solicitous to lullil strictly his ethical obligations as a consultant -the
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Rule 4 : " Equally derogatory to professional character is it for a
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being borrowed from I5ellamy's Surgical Anatomy. In this
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Fellow of the Royal Society, but still remembered and
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Wolters has collected all the facts for and against this
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Penang ; Mr. G. T. C. Barber, Birmingham ; Dr. Campbell Black, Glas-
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has had a curious relation to the progress of vaccination. The
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futile, even from the experimental point of view, as, from