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connective tissue growth, whose interstices are filled with
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malaria is common, we cannot conclude that there is antagonism, be-
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Lesions of the aortic orifice and of the aorta are extremely rare
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and intestines. He also dwelt upon tlie importance of bearing
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tion in which morbid products are retained. Insomnia is in
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aid of these discoveries we are able to define the causes of fevers and a ma-
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257: 1897, viii, 324. — Oarnlcr. fipideraie d'6r6sipele;
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** B^ween tJu brain and the mtuolM there i» a circle of nenm ; one nerve ooMMy* the Ui^flmeneefrom the brain to the wmeeke
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different character from any thing I had ever seen in a practice
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acid, ichthyol, boric acid, and the like may be added. It forms a thin
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Many wet-nurses who apply at agencies have been con-
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acceleration or retardation of the pulse, sighing, irregular or laboured
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Stubling, Ludwig T. G. Simpect, Allan M. Schaffer, and A.
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the patients deserve recommendations based on scientific
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accordance with the scientific reasons and data given, for he does not
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lates a case of an eczematous eruption produced by the
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veyed downwards towards the apex, and feebler as it was con-
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the earliest proposed explanation. I3artels, however, has