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Prof. F. Jolly reports his clinical tests with Pellotine muriate (the new hypnotic

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not be heard. An injection of strychnia and another infu-

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endocarditis or with pericarditis. Effusion is the rule. The fluid increases

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food by tnouth and all cathartics. Feed the patient by enemas of

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and the effects of the tumour both vary much in different cases ;

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With typhus fever and smallpox acute inflammation of the kidney is com-

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are always at once relieved. The phthisis is immediately

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which gives rise to very serious complications. These

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osity, comparatively unapproachable by the physician or

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Irrigation Following Labor, Douching and Urethral Irrigation,

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is that some of the same morbid growth is deposited in or near the

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subterfuges^ possibilities^ doubts_, remarkable experiences of poisonings

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the cerebral cortex. The coincidence of fracture of a para-

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surrounding snow. The gall-fly pierces the part of a plant which it

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exanthematous patch at the height of the eruption. The disease was de-

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in our language, that it shineth all with gold; then

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for obvious reasons; and yet tlie fine and comparatively

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Descriptive Catalogue of Manuscripts relating to the History

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just above the spot where the blow was received. She was

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may be insufficient for the woman’s needs or else

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the pelvis. There was no rupture of the perinoeum. The mother made a good

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stool. At eight p.m. she was a little easier, and complained of all

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less this is often the fault of the patient or the environ-

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calciticcition. No antiseptics were used, and little or

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better than ever before. The enlargement of the abdomen

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public school system resulting in excessive weight loss” as

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When w^ consider the modern car from an aseptic point of

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respirations were never below 31, usually between 40 and 50.

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just named. In epileptics who bite their tongues in the paroxysms, the

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kept on the splint. The boy's heahh island straps were substituted. During the

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cZe at the time of death, are liable to deceive the examiner when death » ,

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with inflammation, of which they also speak in the same language.

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Gioffredi, quoted by Semmola. Twentieth Century Practice.

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allowed to run into copses, where a rank and luxuriant foliage

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be more than oflFset by its easy birth and escape from the perils

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Patient aged thirty-two years ; ill three weeks. Free diu-

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lens gradually towards the book, she at length perceived the

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rable in the great majority of cases. (3) Cerebral abscess is