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to me of the synergism of the anterior and posterior lobes, so often

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Nun land Kv km an, dass die Tiere nnr dann krank werden, wenn

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a host for the fleas to feed on, adults will still be found present but no

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namely, to some of the rights of physicians as medical wit-

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Varicose veins, used internally and externally ; see also Ferr.

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occurs almost wholly among women giving birth to children

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more difficult technical problems than the detection of an alka-

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Legal questions relating to sexual capacity arise now and

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hymen may remain uninjured, and the effects on the external

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1 Lancet, 1867, ii., p. 275. 2 Lancet, 1877, i., p. 905.

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on several important questions before the date originally chosen, and post-

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This is the time when individual opinion must be sacrificed for the

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creation. The student of legal medicine is interested in them

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him while in the service of the Rockefeller Hospital and also during the

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would surely follow and our social order fall to the ground."

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concussion from intoxication in the appearances which each

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artificial or natural limit or influence which acts as an effectual

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we shall understand that they accomplish much more than

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brought against him by one of his patients, a young lady of

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required percentage of humidity. This results in keeping the venti-

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The conditions in laboratory cupboard are distinctly unfavourable for laying, hatching

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on these animals was not outside normal limits. However, within

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very commonly give exit to a knot of intestine which gives

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female femur is more slender ; looked at from the front, the

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if not impossible. But there are many well-authenticated

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It is important for the protection of the health of the troops in camps

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masses ; but if it is thinly spread it will show a normal, dull-

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developed in their most characteristic fashion. Pulmonary

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chances are that they are accidental or homicidal. It is ob-

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Kuhne's theory has met with some obstacles from another

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suffocation and by hanging; in fatal diseases of short dura-

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place where the people can go to get information. Strangers have

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pigeons affected with polyneuritis in a few hours, and the solution stored m

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appear as experts, to be abused by counsel, contradicted by

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presence of hair on the forearms ; the size of the waist and of