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and (2) the presence of a considerable number of myelocytes.

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In the first case, where I anticipated sepsis, the course has been abso-

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tion, has driven these cells from their hiding-places on

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de med. uav.. Par., 1888, xlis, 81-107. Also, Keprint. —

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are at such distances from each other, that no one part of the city can

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The year previous to joining the Circle was quite unevent-

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of urine. For a cathartic, give from 15 to 20 grains of the

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effect J and, consequently, that this supposed origin of the oph-

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pain and tenderness in the right side. Took morphine

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animals there is rapid diminution of the blood content of the right heart,

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prostatic enlargement; it is also an expression of the natural wear

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fulminating cases, and tlie death-rnte for operation in quiescent

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read this vigorous little book — Child Welfare (Bailliere, Tindall &

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or to one-sided education and cupidity on the part of a few.

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a few instances with poor results" — "The well mem-

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is unusual for pneumonia to cause death within twenty- four

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trauma, especially one direct to the head, preceded

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d. Geb. d.Vet.-Med., Berl. (1903), v.'23, p. 85. [W^]

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the end of that time submit to an examination. By the

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in three minutes. The blood vessel from which the bleeding

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conscious cerebral activity — that is, wakefulness — is

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commenced. I have observed good results in children

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inflammation, and all the coats of the bowel may be affected.

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hancement of the cyst ring or hydrocephalus. Because intra-

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I contemplate making further improvements in the construction, and

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to unilateral sweating of the face and neck. Symptoms due to pressure

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ophthalmoscope, there was found myopia 5'g ; the cornea, aqueous and

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la chirurgie oculaires. M6m. Soc. d. sc. nat. et m6d.

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the connective tissue of Glisson's sheath. Its capillaries empty

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A letter was read from the Army Council to the effect that

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prostrated, it is better to give injections of caffeine, as much

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In all but the mildest cases the submucosa is involved early; congestion

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either through timidity or through prejudice, do not

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type have been deemed worthy of record. And it is to a still

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it was impossible to tie the artery above the sac without cut-

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The disseminated growths or even small parts of the

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and Gage, very few references indeed, in their description of