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The superior vena cava and the innominate veins have no valves. The

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quill was found several centimetres above the perfectly normal and

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attack of pellagra without mental symptoms. She had also a recurrence in

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sitting or standing posture, or by walking about a room, indicates

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of all effort and to disturb his rest at night. In bad cases the patient

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Lesions which produce an obstruction at the aortic orifice and left

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within the thorax was made, only 12 were distinctly stated to present

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explain the marvelous symmetry that is practically the constant char-

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nitely proved by the result of the treatment in the first case in which

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adjacent to it have undergone karyolysis and partial cytolysis. A cell in the

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excretion was marked, amounting in the urine alone to 1 gm. above

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in France, is characterised not only by these three qualities, but also by

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active, wandering cells and do not survive long in tissue culture prepa-

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is carried about ready for immediate use in the form of small glass

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recovery, took place. Buschan 142 has collected 80 cases of exophthal-

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Cayley : Transactions of the Pathological Society, London, xvii., p. 163.

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feces in the progressive stage of the disease; the calcium excretion

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action of the heart then becomes weak owing to degeneration of the

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whole chapter of bacteriology has been added. Contributors speak

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normal. The Wassermann reaction was positive with 0.4 c.c.

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tion of the dilatation or circularly or perpendicularly to the axis of

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found that 0.5 gm. doses of thyroid administered to rats gave a greater

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with the pericardial cavity. This shows dense fibrous adhesions, among which

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the disease in these early years and then recovered would be less likely

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the negro race generally, whereas we have seen that it is prevalent in

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monia, typhoid fever, influenza, or other infection. It is only in the

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course of water and chlorid excretion, the changes in blood urea, urea index,

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living at home while she was sick. Four of them have since developed pellagra.

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Amongst the " family diseases " which chiefly show themselves on

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trous thyroid gland than in the normal gland. It may even develop

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tively low mortality in recurrent attack for those under 10 years of

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Spliycjmographic Evidence. — The characteristics of the pulse-trace

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suffered in times past by patients who have had some other form of

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Supper: Just bread and jelly. Has eaten this for supper as long as she

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In none of the fourteen cases were either bilirubin or bile salts found

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On December 29 an intraspinal injection of salvarsanized serum nearly

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