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are extremely liable to be impaired and even entirely lost by the preparation of the syrup

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In addition to the practice of his profession, he took an interest

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credit for what they did not do. They did not cure this man in three

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which case it would pass from a place of high to one of low pressure.

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Examination disclosed marked wasting of the tibial mus-

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In the four above mentioned weeks of January, the morta-

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This aggregation of great numbers of individuasl within

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years has made annual appropriations. If the government

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and efficient relief of their unfortunate victims, by any of our nume-

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the auricular opening will cause a complete closure of this opening by the

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or no evil results from his leaking heart. In no other

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became more marked during the day until the whole side of the chest

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vhen the sand has fallen out, it may be rapidly raised, with its mouth up-

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neglected subject over the years. Controversy remains

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Essentials of Physical Diagnosis of the Thorax. By Arthur M.

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porter, and in large doses, until the patient is fully narcotized and

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resemble cholera or an acute alimentary toxemia, are mentioned by

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the author acquired the art of etherization, so that what was formerly a dreaded

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partial successes, 12 per cent. ; failures, 6 per cent.

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its diminution ; and that (again other things being equal) increased

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firmness and inelasticity of the part affected. Thus the pain

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consideration. Its curative power seemed clearly proved ;

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piness to many a humble home by curing its child from a dis-

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These lesions develop without prodromal symptoms and after a vari-

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of his tables, that for the most part the tabulated cases of cancer

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7. Dr. Stokes advises the application of poultices over the face, as the

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in summer, through an open ridge. In winter, the wards were each heat-

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may exert a harmful influence upon the tissues. It is necessary, there-

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brandy. When wasting proceeds rapidly, and destruction of the lung

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ears have been preserved that would othervvise have been lost or per-

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absorption. The hygroscopic action of the glycerin, the in'low

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the capsules of Rottlera tinctoria, is a powerftil anthelmintSe wlM

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intense thrill and ventricular hypertrophy are absent. The venous hum may

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had they been fully aware of the facilities of travel, and the cheapness

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diphtheria, and an injection of trichloride of iodine is

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first made out before we commence to pass the tent.

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irst the organisms were well distributed throughout the serum,

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unsought, and that it was accepted reluctantly, upon a