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placing outside of lamps, A\itli reflectors turned away from the
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Dr. Ravenhill thought that he would have died had he remained
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: Read, November 6, tS95, before Middlesex-East Medical Society, and November 14th before the
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ment of sciatica by means of hot water baths or packs and
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protozoal parasites belonging to the Class Sporozoa,
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researches, Houghton and Aldrich find that as a hypnotic
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cause of residential CO poisonings in Connecticut. To
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A second course of injections was started early in March,
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in his diet, eating oysters and unripe potatoes freely
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aseptic, or sterile, b> merely bathing it with chemical solu-
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sole apparatus of digestion. They form rather the vessels, or la-
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tions of great beauty, by Professor Hirtl, of Berlin; and another,
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peated certain formulae, of which at home we are ashamed.
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The use of indomethacin has ruled out a significant
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tants of those districts where the disease prevails being in much
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scope shows the absence of diphtheria germs, and this
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after discharge, found that individuals ranging in weight from 130 to
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other and more important benefits will accrue from the
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morning. The lungs were found universally emphysematous, so as
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small hemorrhage which cannot be accounted for by a placenta
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in this regiment were confined to Company A of the 128th, with the
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very conspicuous personage in these parties at his house. Seated
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On making an examination of her chest I was surprised to find a loud
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military service in the Bernese district of Gessenay, has had
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not be found in the intestinal canal ; on the contrary, I proceed on a convic-
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I have found it very beneficial in rheumatic iritis; it
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other day, will, in a short time, be all that is neces-
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A trial injection was made two days ago, and it was found that
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XXVI. Woman ; her Diseases and Remedies. A series of Letters to his