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rhage came on suddenly, and she had to be carried back into the house. I
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one was eighteen inches, of the other seventeen inches ; they measured eighteen
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Flour, or Starch may be spread on the wound dry, and covered
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and no uric-acid crystals appeared even when it was allowed
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Doctors and Surgeons inspired confidence as men of science
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1882-3, xiii, 623.— Oubareff (A. P.) K operativnoiiiu
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wards, dissecting up the integuments from the fascia to a sufficient
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' IftljJJI j JjJj jUtf. U Ijl ' \£J^& Jtji w~-Ja)l «iU J>*J
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40 ounces at a temperature slightly in excess of that normal for
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it. perhaps, or seek to cover it over, but we must be cognizant of
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over the new production of interstitial tissue. When,
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from the same animal at different times. It cannot take the place of
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partments in connection with the normal schools of Wisconsin, the mem-
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been for some time before, and was at the time of the opera-
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up. When fever comes on quinine is given. Antipyrin
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stupor; headache; spasmodic contraction of facial muscles; coma;
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Vol. XIII. No. 3. CHICAGO AND ST. LOUIS, JANUARY 16, 1886. Terms : $3.50 A Year.
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with hystei'ia alone, or with exophthalmic goitre alone. 3. In these
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In London, Edinburgh, Dublin, Cambridge, regular post-graduate
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posits steatomatous, calcareous, osseous; they are sometimes ulcerated;
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method adopted by Pasteur in treating men bitten by rabid
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The mortality from the disease has been unusually large, for
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Professor Gamgee says — " I have taken considerable pains to
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morbid excitement, — alas! I repeat of these melancholy
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of fearful significance — this countless fluttering of
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mination to the brain was uncommon, and was invariably at-
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disinfecting powder. Where it was supposed that any choleraic
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hyponeuroses ; the hyperneuroses include pain, cramps, spasms,
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but a baby girl showed it markedly. In the case of the father, removal
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the fingers, and will not collapse on pressure. When there is universal
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should be attended to : lean meat, fish, potato puree, rice and
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in by the conscientious patient at the springs which serve to recupe-
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Carolina, from the beginning of $100 in the early days. My distin-