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edge of the mobilizer is first inserted over the in-

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Eighty-fourth Annual Meeting at Springfield, May 15, 16, 17, 1934

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27. Janbon, M., Bertrand, L., Salvaing, J., Labauge, R ,

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tablished, most fully equipped Physiotherapy offices occupy-

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be answered by reference to the microscope. And it has fallen to my

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quite naked, except a slight tuft at the end ; and often covered, as well

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5.000 in 12-mile radius served. Hospitals in Platts-

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I will close this section of ray subject with the following

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important characteristics of any medical plan are its

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a reduction in the incidence of disease in the next

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Medical Society, the Medical Society of the State of

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which she presented Mrs. Jones for the President’s ad-

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6. Levyn, Lester, and Aaron, A. H.: Cholecystography by

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den attacks at night, pain over the heart, swelling of

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regional meetings (consisting of only one session of

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looking forwards with a slight inclination inwards.

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time associate with its foster-dam, but as soon as satisfied with sucking,

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cine of the University of Illinois, 1898; aged 63; died,

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diseases we are of the opinion that it is far more effectual and

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132 bed active, private psychiatric hospital. Board certified

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6. Btck, August L. : A Study of Twenty-four Cases of

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with more patience to an old woman’s harping on her

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Assistant Treasurer Thomas M. d’Angelo, M.D., Jackson Heights

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UK} Means — Address before the Atlanta Medical College. 715

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tion indicating fractures at least several months in

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tinued until they stop the diarrhoea, unless the bowels continue

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mobilization, 15 decibels seventeen months postmobilization; right ear not tested premobilization, 15 decibels

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A slight injury to the brain through hemorrhages at

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Suspension "Sulfa-Neolin’ is supplied in 60-cc. bottles

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Clark, instructor in orthopedic surger}', "Ankle In-

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the anaesthetic state for twelve hours, and without any return of rigidity

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11. Pitney, W. R., and Dacie, J. V.: J. Clin. Path. 6: 9

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absorbable, did not absorb ; the patient developed an

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tive Committee of the Citizens’ Health Council was

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