Ventolin Hfa Compared To Proventil Proair

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the extremities of the long bones.; in other bodes, they enter, at no
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PROGNOSIS. Rickets is a disease which may be arrested at any
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small repeated doses (one-sixth of a grain every two hours) during the
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poma, chondroma, angioma, adenoma, and cyst are benignant, while the
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closure and opening contractions becoming equal or even inverted.
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arises from muscular weakness or stiffness, or from the vertigo of cerebral
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the abdomen. It is frequently referred to the vicinity of the navel,
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In the early development of an epilepsy in a child the whole paroxysm
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faecal accumulation in the csecum, the administration of salines until the
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by hemiplegia, aphasia, or other evidences of focal organic brain disease.
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contagious nature of the disease was strongly advocated by J. C. White
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appetite and symptoms of anaemia. After a week or more of malaise,
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Facial Hemiatrophy most frequently develops in childhood, but may
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chronic bronchitis, and the smaller bronchi are often slightly dilated.
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In such persons, in particular, the occurrence of convulsions or coma
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tricular wall may thus be transformed into a fibrous plate which serves
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such that private isolation and abundance of nurses are possible. Such
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The indications of strength in the heart are strength and width of car-
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in protecting the patient from cold. The drug treatment is practically
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sote, carbolic acid, naphtol, strontium salicylate, may be used from time
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at the same time excite and pervert function ; and that many lesions are
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the sheep being daily administered. Experience, however, has shown
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more directly attributable to the cancer. These are epigastric pain and
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of pyaemia are the irregularities of the paroxysms, the free sweating
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and a peculiar alteration of the white fibres, which renders them much
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accompany those of the nephritis. This group includes all the infectious
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gray color, translucent, smooth, or slightly granular. Later in the dis-
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precede the immediate exacerbation, in which the dropsy rapidly in-
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one to two grains, or tincture of ferric chloride, ten to twenty minims,
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toration is scanty, tough, and viscid, and of a rusty color. The patient
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of a toxaemia, either a septicaemia or a septico-pyaemia, and the course
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apparently to save life when a fevered patient could not be taken out
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either type of apoplexy paralysis may reveal itself by drawing of the
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used should be of the mildest character, and hsernaturia, if it occurs,
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men, and suffocative attacks. The sensitive nerves also may be affected
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persistent neuralgia, or retarded mental development.
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the mucous membrane of the posterior pharyngeal wall, and perhaps the
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As a rule, the bleeding comes from small vessels, especially of the con-