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blood, and, absorbing all the nutriment fit for the nourishment of

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and lotions, etc. , etc. , any one of which preparations can be put

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The translation moves a point in space a finite distance along a given vector

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more energetically than their muscular strength will permit and

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ficial to those from the next lower root. They thus form a series of

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confirmed alcoholics. I do not hold extreme views regarding

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ice cream. It requires more time than the latter, and will not

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amination revealed a large and soft uterus which bled to

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blue pill (from two to three grains three times a day) for a week or more,

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most trusted means of treating disease; here, but little confi-

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On the fifth day after the operation, I made the following record :

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surface has a livid blue or black colour. The enlargement is

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Left internal rectus . . . ./ \Rightinternalrectus-thirdnerve.

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mists, I have adopted the term " thoracic " in place of " dorsal."

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detection efficiency of cylindrical gamma radiation

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ulcers every few days gives very good results. As a gargle

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Case. — On the 12th August 1913, W. W., aged 27,- was admitted to

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The Sublingual gland lies on the floor of the mouth so close to the

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C/VS- Rare cases of reversible mental confusion have been reported.

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give an expert opinion, would be sufficiently hiu^h-

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that the patient and her friends demanded removal from

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moment the child ceased to breathe, and the hemorrhage

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strated his mode of operating. He also spoke of the opera-

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During the march the ambulance remains with the conveyances

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moulded around either side of afflicted joint helps to relieve pain and

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both of the possibility of recovery and the probable duration of the

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Vienna, that time is credited. In that way he can pick

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in the American School publications for a long time: "Os-

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subject of excruciating attacks of neuralgia, she became

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parts must be kept warm by means of cotton wool or extra clothing or arti-

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School Investigation. — ^The Cincinnati Post has engaged

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which required to be extinguished by the ordinary process, — namely, by

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