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[The late prevalence of a disorder in Hartford, similar to that describ-

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be three or four years developing to such extent as to become progress-

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cles were found in addition to the anuclear forms, and the megaloblasts

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use or removed for drainage from inland cities sur-

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include a feeling of fulness in the head on stooping, ringing

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others are among the most important things learned at school. Many

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The studied dosing regimens are not equivalent with respect to the

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for a long time previous. Cases have been of frequent occurrence

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52. Individuals afflicted with diabetes are impotent; the absence of

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notes. Once the tracts and centers were learned the

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included in Dr. Pilcher's case. One of his colleagues at a city

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Bryson-Delavan'^ employs this method with success : He passes

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When everything used in the theatre had been pronounced

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in fact. The food collection at Kensington, though of much

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in general, but that certain kinds of rice prepared in certain ways

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having deliberately and falsely asserted that on several occasions he had had

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which represents, in part, the post-graduate school and

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Rudnew found extensive hyaline metamorphosis of the walls of the vessels.

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like that of a marked case of flat-foot. As regards treatment,

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thickened and very firm. They are on this account so resistant as to

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acid might be of benefit in certain prescriptions. The acetate of

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think, will meet Sir J. D. Corrigan's view — "That it be left

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The Medical Senii-Monthly. and the Southern Clinicof

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ing what can be done, I set before them tlie state of tiie case,

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the second variety, to be mentioned immediately, is by no

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or, as I saw once, general convulsions ended the scene.

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result has been, without exception, favourable to the latter.

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fewest possible words, or his reader is sure to skip them ; and in the plainest possible words, or his

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insalubrious localities it has sufticed to provide a jjure water-supply

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speak, automatic on the part of the operator, so that they

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puerperal convulsions; and that, in the majority of cases at least,

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An Embryo at Six Weeks. Dr. Turner Anderson: I present a

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are immune to ordinary doses of the tubercle-bacillus acci-

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the Surgeon of his own regiment, in which there was a very

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testines was regarded as so unsafe a procedure, as regards the perfect

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that something be done to relieve her at once. Examination

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depuration free and unembarrassed ; then no organ will be oppressed

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above-named organisms to these has been definitely estabhshed. Cabot

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