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arbitrary and erroneous interpretation of the federal law, state health planning

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from the yellowish pus found in the cellular tissue of up-

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d. dents, h. (iesellseh. f. Cliii., Jierl., 1891, XX. pt. 1, 181-

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In the tissues the ookinete encysts and becomes the oocyst, which grows

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arm. After a week he was admitted into St. Mary's Hospital,

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ceeded in curing several cases of dropsy which had resisted every other

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a way as to allow of its being carried with safety when

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Rothlisberger's apparatus is used, where cold is produced by the evaporation of

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ment , evacuate blood clot and thoroughly cleanse t he pacts. Insert

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nts receiving triamterene, and leukopenia, thrombocyto-

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end of the wounded nerves. In 1 case there was only

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required in doing the operation or the courage in intro-

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Acute bartholinitis is nearly always gonorrhoea] : the chronic is always

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The patient was seen by me at 10 o'clock in the evening of this, the

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with murder alleged in defence, that he had merely struck the deceased a

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was lower than it had been since they had left New- York.

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ing infection which occurs chiefly in the Bitter Eoot Valley of Montana,

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the Study of Obstetrics and Gynecology . For Medical Students and

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This leucocytosis is probably present at the time of the

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a good deal of pain, frequent desire to make water, &c., t&c.

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some of it was laid upon burning coals, and the vapour breathed by the

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Chemische Wirkimgen der Aspergillaceen. Handbuch dor Technischon Mykolo-

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ber room except in a carriage for four or five years. She

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and procure the evacuation of pus by a sufficient opening for free

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rosis, and opacity of the cornea ; very decided advantage was

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one of the small hand-cars used by workmen upon railways, and by a sud-

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electricity have not been followed by success in the

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single-stitcli operation for advancement of the rectus mus-

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