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of this interesting case, and will only sta'e that the first tu-

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rather the application of the teachings of physiology.

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examine the tissue and describe the conditions present; then

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siderable increase of the temperature of the body, the giavity of symp-

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ing of the affected area results, the sodden tissues are very easily injured,

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reduce the peripheral irritation wliich oiiginally set up the mischief in

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place, or which they will involve secondarily, frequently de-

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and that not as specialists, but as the trusted guides

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t At the autopsy the pia-mater was found thickly studded with tuberculous granulations,

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general treatment that I have adopted has been vari-

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the right leg presented the marks of burning. The cuticle was entirely de-

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richonhvSrii f *^°P'''''^ chmate, several other forms of

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paper intended to show that character was developed by repeti-

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for lymphosarcoma is earlier than in the other forms.

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hope that in a more sympathetic age the fruits of his labors would

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way as instances of the efiect of this remedy; and the two next

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sponse despite an adequate folate intake. Here was proof

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liver being studded with tubercles, which formed an enormous tumor in the

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after the patient has previously lubricated the mouth

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fever, syphilis, and alcoholism ; but this so-called aetiology is subject to

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amount needed depending much on the personal equation of

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the time of the menopause, and in those of an arthritic or nervous

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late years been written upon temperance, that I have seen, I find very

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pneumothorax, and in some instances the cavity may present every

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and it may be that medicine has thereby lost in pro-

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If it be applied in the manner about to be described, most admirable and

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There appears to be no doubt that dengue fever is caused by some

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ziness, which we have already fully described, and referred to vibra-

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out in the form of pseudopodia; these encircle the particle, which soon

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can enter the system. There is no evidence to- warrant our concluding

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on the good clinical observation of the individual experi-

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BoGEET, E., Medical Inspector. To be Fleet Surgeon, Asiatic

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or 1.73 per cent. The youngest subject — excepting the

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of more limited epilepsy, and the first demonstration of the

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properties, that which has a similar influence; ou^ri'jraHc, of