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ed in the clearest manner, and their motions are discerned with-

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which are without exception notoriously unwholesome in those

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constantly in mind, the first an operating suite with all modern

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-'■' Letters to this effect may be found in the follow-

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quite close to the point where the force which opens the inner

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rough land-mark to distinguish one disease from another, we can never

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*' The practical bearing of the fact that there does not exist in most persons

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similarly ; and, as the microscopic features of those

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modifications that may be induced in the salivary secretion of

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and an X-ray burn of the breast, which had healed ex-

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stage until the nature of the skin is ascertained, and later cau-

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produced a spasmodic stricture when a bougie came in con-

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plication, if, indeed, it be considered as a complication, must be

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conspicuous. Men find their way into the superintendent's

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the action of Trommer's test on a solution of glucose. If much gastric juice

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laid aside and the foreskin drawn back to the fullest ex-

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means grateful to ourselves, and we fear it may not be altoge-

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by diarrhoea. On deep pressure the patient complained of pain

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Dohrn attributed to the great increase in instrumental

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a right and left hand screw, c, and thus produce flexion or exten-

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capsule was destroyed. — H. B. Noyes, Arner. Journ. Med. Set., July, 1882.

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present. In a very short time these settle to the very bottom of the glass

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Cryoscopy in Children and Adults.— The cryoscopic

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probably too high, but the quantity of this fluid shows

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the same doctrine still further, and maintains that the sclerosis may spread

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panied with nausea and sickness, and sometimes with

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convenience of the practitioner. And so complications arose, and

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male ; in the female it is a secondary disease, propagated from

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less, aggi-essive, he was a good fighting man, good

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as our patient labom'ed under. He had not been subjected to any

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the title of " Morphomania with Extravagant Claims of Aural

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the shoulders ; and thence may spread, over the abdomen and back, to

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during the night, we rise with dry, harsh jialate, tongue,

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Under the microscope the neuroglia is seen to be thicker and more fibrous ;

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of the X-rays ; and on July 7th Dr. E. J. Watson, our Assistant

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tuberculous meningitis in their neighbourhood. But as between tumour

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great prevalence of typhoid is probably due to the bad

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lyzing first the sensory, later the motor tracts, finally

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Erysipelatous inflammation of the dropsical limbs ;

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printed in the local papers a copy of this resolution.