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Whitney, C. M., 361, 369; tumor of the bladder and prostate, Cabot,
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clot it is best to make an incision large enough to per-
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more peculiar indications are vomiting of phlegm at the commence-
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never hereditary, though it may be constitutional. 2. Gout is
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^ Consult Whipple and Hooper, Jour. Exp. Med., New York, 1913, xvii, 593.
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his mother's house, in a filthy little street in one of the oldest and
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passing through their minds, that the favorable issue was due to the
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friends. Li the metropolis he became the assistant to an apo-
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cence that grows upon the ear of this grain, resem-
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in indigestion and constipation. The dose used is from half to a fluid dram.
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In 52 eases not treated for several months or) ,„
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the chalybeate ; at Ems, the hot alkaline; the same at
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figures suggest the need of further observation of heart conditions in this
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tudinal incision had been made in front corresponding to the
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tory of Hunter and his struggles, and showed how much he
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antimony in pneumonia. It will be remembered that it was in-
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desquamation also, which, when it begins to roll off tiny shreds of
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consequence of the proximity of large blood-vessels,
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it an intermittent malarial fever? An examination of the blood shows
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White^ malOy age thirteen^ was first seen October 29^ 1913. The
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come widespread — but, unfortunately for us, eunuch guards are scarce.
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bullet entered the top of the skull^ but its exit aperture oould not
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known (I believe) as its permanent continuance. If life go on,
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(2) Sugar-free veal or beef liver-infusion-Difco-peptone-agar plates ;
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Lobelia Inflata^ (eyebrigfat,) stalk and leaf; stim. emet«
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which are to be looked upon as a phlebitis obliterans nodosa
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three or four weeks) ; but it is prudent to keep on tlie
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cult to calculate the amount of morale and physique lost to a regiment by such a
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can be heard ; but bronchial breathing and bronchophony will be
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The interior of the nasal cavities must be thoroughly cleaned and disin-
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agents. Por this purpose carbolic acid (from 25 per cent, to pure) or a
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during a period too short for the career of the disease the temperature
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cases. Thus, when a patient is seen for the first time in a condition of
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ataxia in cortical affections, without any true disturbance of sensibility.
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Candidates who attain the requisite general average who fail to receive commissions will be given
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placed over the stomach, metallic tinkling may be heard when the patient
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Majority Report of the Poor Law Commission proposes
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acini. Within the islands there may be proliferation of interstitial tissue
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the operative treatment, the author's meaning is not
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stiffness, deformity of the extremities, and the impulse to forward
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corrupted to sharbock ; or from shorf-poclcc, meaning scab or scurf-pock.