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then incisions through the mucous membrane made along the lines HFB
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We desire, in conclusion, to express our obligations to many physicians
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where all the cows have been proved by the tuberculin-test to be free from
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can do for the ear you can do with a syringe." At that time there were
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able on the left leg, small area of tactile anesthesia in the
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responding to an annual death rate of 10.50 in a thousand
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involving the central area, but leaving some portion of the periphery clear ;
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one and one-half hour period could be made. Dog 12, to which chlo-
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incision. It should not be forgotten that the majority of the patients
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ple operation and time will ef¥ect cure ; nor is it ap-
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mulary is sufificiently large, but we think that the
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Bennett. — In Detroit, on Sunday, June 19th, Dr. John
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tations, from their close proximity to the Eustachian
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third is by far the most common seat of fracture, because this is the
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meridian of the eye that was vertical in the primary
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acids, esjjecially those which are oxidized to alkaline carbonates, can be
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3. All cases of cardiac disease where diuresis is necessary.
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recalled. By the 5th he surprised his interrogator when
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drops of tincture of digitalis in place of the strophanthus. The old
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and in rare cases the protoplasm may be very much degenerated.
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ical Services in Great Britain. — .According to a state-
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water supply which pays dividends to a local c. 'r-
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which ergot expends its energies, and it is especially
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basis of the entire treatment. It is necessary that the narcotic prescribed
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The first official announcement of the appearance of the plague in
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was a member of a .small society to which I was the phy-
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accomplished by drainage, and the beneficial effects
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ordered in the original bottles ; the distinguishing marks which the bot-
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death rate for the week in each of the five boroughs was
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vation, and the three occupied in their completion but six and one-half
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count of the deep and inaccessible situation of a large part of the
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the valiie of tuberculin, but have come to realize its
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acid. Quite surprising is the frequency of this con-
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Italy and a right cystic ovary was dia.gnosticated. Three
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with athletics. But, despite these truisms, the pub-
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today the enlargement of the thyroid gland has entirely disappeared.
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by a narrow zone of liver-tissue. This abscess was, indeed, not entirely
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IV e are indebted to the Bureau nf Records of the De-
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from the axillary region gave results that were per-