Maidenform Easy-Up Strapless Bodybriefer Review

August 4, 2011  

Retaining my integrity is very important to me when writing this blog, which is why I do not accept sponsored posts  as I prefer to be approached by companies and individuals and given the freedom to decide whether I like/believe-in/or am comfortable with publishing their business or product on here.

So me writing a review for Maidenform and their Easy-up Body Briefer must immediately tell you something – I like it. The kind ladies at Maidenform’s PR company took the time to contact me to find out my size and kindly sent me the garment to try out at home. I’ve worn it a couple of times now, so I’ve really got to know their Body Briefer quite well…

Maidenform’s aim is for it be a piece of shape-wear used by Brides under their wedding gowns, so one of the first things that I was slightly sceptical of, was the quality of the fabric; to merely glance at a picture, you might think it was made of the same utilitarian-looking material you see used for many of these garments, not so. This item is made up of lots of different kinds of fabrics, all of which are smooth to touch and really quite sexy.

There’s a more lightweight material on the rear (rather like a see-through swimsuit) reinforced by a bra like structure above, which leaves a tantalising flash of skin. My other half loved it from the back – he said it looked like a “kinky but comfy” piece of underwear.

The front is boned – like a basque; perfect for holding in a tummy full of wedding cake! However, what really won me over was how much it smoothed down my soft, fleshy hips – this instantly made me feel like I’d lost inches. The Body Briefer has soft foam cups, which are under-wired and comfortable, giving you lift without getting into Playboy Bunny territory.

Perhaps my biggest surprise was the clasp at the bottom (you know, underneath) which sits comfortably on your pubic bone, rather than hiked up in your intimates. Muuuch nicer than the weird popper shaped in-print you get from eighties style bodysuits *ouch*

All in all, I think its a good buy. Practical yet sexy, if your wearing a form-fitted wedding gown like me, the Maidenform Easy-Up  Strapless Bodybriefer will lift your confidence as well as your *ahem*other parts. To find out more about their other shape-wear garments, visit the Maidenform website.

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