I’m Having A Striped Straw Moment…

June 14, 2011  

I ♥ striped straws…they rock my world! Here’s some inspiration…

Of late, I’ve seen them featured heavily {and beautifully} in photo shoots, yet there’s not many UK stockists. Papermash sell the style that’s stolen my heart, but at present, only in grey, red or blue . The US sell an array of vibrant colours and Etsy is always a good bet!

With Love, Boho Bride xx

Credits: Papersnitch; Clayton Austin; The Sweetest Occasion; We Heart It


4 Responses to “I’m Having A Striped Straw Moment…”
  1. Kate Fletcher says:

    I’m looking at stockists in the US. I would love yellow and pale green. I have the grey from Papermash and they are gorgeous!

  2. admin says:

    We’ve just ordered a heap for the wedding from the US too – wish there were more colours to choose from over here! xx

  3. Charlie says:

    love these! wanted them for our wedding last year but they proved to be as elusive as those perfectly round balloons…. v jealous of any bride having them! :) they add such a cute and quirky touch.

    Charlie xx


  4. admin says:

    Oh I bet you wedding was gorgeous!!! Erm, I’ve ordered some of those elusive round balloons too ;) xx

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