Our Wedding Invites – The Original Wedding Tea Towels!

June 15, 2011  

We’ve finally sent out our wedding invitations and I just had to share them with you! Karen and Ben from Wedding Tea Towels created the most uh-mazing design for our day and perfectly captured the relaxed, fun feel we aim to have. So cool and oh-so-cute, our wedding tea towels have caused quite a stir amongst our guests; I’ve just had to share some of their feedback below…

That is by far and away the best wedding invite ever! So clever, I love it – I’m going to frame it!

Best wedding invite ever!

Your invite is fantastic, so original, so you!

OMG I LOVE the invite – so fantastic…we’re going to use it tonight!

What a creative idea…can’t wait to see what other treats the wedding brings!

A+ for originality!

By far the most exciting part of our wedding so far – I’ve loved hearing our friends reaction to our tea-towel-tastic invites! It’s also been so fantastic to know that our wedding invites are eco-friendly and the most beautiful keep-sake too. I couldn’t recommend them any higher!

Choose between bespoke creations and classic designs – there’s even a new boutique collection too. For maximum inpact and alternative wedding style, The Original Wedding Tea Towel is a must!

With Love, Boho Bride xx


2 Responses to “Our Wedding Invites – The Original Wedding Tea Towels!”
  1. Wedding Tea Towels says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Thank you x 1 million. Kxx

  2. Kate Fletcher says:

    Looks just as lovely hanging in your fireplace. X

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