Doe and Hope – Vintage Boho Head Dress

May 24, 2011  

When Boho Bride reader Jade got in touch to see if I’d feature this gorgeous vintage boho head dress, I jumped at the chance….not only because it’s absolutely stunning, but because her fiance’s company {who’s selling it} has really turned my head!

Doe and Hope sell ‘the bizarre and the beautiful’  – SOLD! With that kind of introduction I just had to put a board together of some of their gorgeous and quirky treasures…

Some great wedding props! From the top…Vintage Head Dress ; Antique Pine Chocolate Display Box; Victorian Brass Stencil Plates; Vintage Sooty Puppet

With Love, Boho Bride xx


One Response to “Doe and Hope – Vintage Boho Head Dress”
  1. perdita says:

    Love that head dress. It reminds me of mine – which cost almost as much as my (bargain) dress! ;)

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