Flower Crown Bohemia ♥ Treasure the Dress ♥ Summer Love Photography

May 5, 2011  

I literally squealed when I saw this submission for the wonderful Jo at Summer Love Photography- it’s everything I could hope for in a feature. Simple concept, yet so impactful – these images are so evokative of  the hazy summer days ahead…can’t you just smell it? How gorgeous is the lovely Lauren, how cute is that flower crown and how amazing is the colour palette…

From Jo “Lauren wanted a treasure the dress session as she never got to go to her prom at school, wear a prom dress and have that special moment – so the first half of the shoot was to do that. She wore a beautiful strapless pink dress and tiara so that she could have her moment but for the 2nd half (the pictures I’ve shared with you) she looked natural and like a beautiful fairy against this derelict church we found. The church is a 13th century ruin in Norfolk in a tiny village called Tilney cum Islington and is set in the middle of nowhere with a sense of peace around it. Its a real treasure and made the perfect backdrop for her pictures, a contrast between old and new. We had a surreal moment of realising we were having a mini picnic in a graveyard during a break of shooting! I wanted to capture Lauren looking free and relaxed using the natural stone to show off her dress and overall style.

With the stunning and striking Rape fields all over Norfolk at the moment, how could we resist not going to one, however when we got there, I’m not kidding the Rape Flower was taller than both of us! The day was perfect, beautiful sunlight, warm air, relaxed and lots of fun! Lauren was a dream to photograph, just so stunning with an ethereal beauty to her and yet so gracious and lovely to be around. I love how this has all come together and the styling works so well.”

From Lauren After the prom dress I really wanted to have some photo’s that suited my style of being relaxed, natural and earthy. The dress was an ebay find but I fell in love with it, floaty, loose and with bare feet would look simple but elegant. To finish off, the only accessory I wanted was to wear a flower crown so that when it all came together it had a bohemian feel. Before the photo session with Jo, I tried everything on and knew that it would look best with natural loose curls and simple make up. Sarah Taylor did the styling and make up for me and made a great job of pulling the whole look together. The aim for the pictures was for them to look natural, have a fairytale feel to them and something i could look back on and treasure. Simply – I love the pictures!”

I love, love, love the pictures too! Thanks so much for sharing,

With Love, Boho Bride xx


7 Responses to “Flower Crown Bohemia ♥ Treasure the Dress ♥ Summer Love Photography”
  1. Johanna says:

    Thank you so much for featuring you have made it simply look beautiful! x

  2. admin says:

    My pleasure Jo – such amazing shots, it’s a treat to be able to feature them xxx

  3. Elizabeth says:

    This is fab! Such a summer of love vibe! Gorgeous flower crown too x

  4. lauren taylor says:

    Wow this is just amazing, thankyou so much from me and my mum(sarah taylor) jo you are a fantastic photographer thankyou for the oppurtunity xx

  5. admin says:

    You look stunning Lauren and *hats off* to your Mum for such a wonderful job too. Thanks so much for sharing xx

  6. Wendy nuccoll says:

    These photos so remind me of the 1970′s! Lauren looks amazing well done girlsxx

  7. Tony sale says:

    Brilliant photo’s love the colour love the lighting, they do have a bit of a retro look about them, maybe a Cadburys Flake add?

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